Coffee Talk Kenya – meet Esther Otieno, barista trainer, coffee consultant and coffee lover

After posting a coffee guide listing specialty coffee shops in Nairobi late last year, and still having my base in Nairobi where I decided to expand my coffee knowledge, and arguably expertise, it’s time to introduce you to some of the coffee people I’ve met along the way on my Kenyan coffee mission.

First up is Esther, who is actually responsible that some of the coffee shops I mentioned in my last post have great baristas. I first met her when I was given the chance to be one of the judges at Kenya’s National Barista Championships. My next (coffee) honour was being a judge at the Nairobi Latte Art Throwdown, which Esther organises each year. Having been impressed, not only by Esther’s expertise but also her passion for anything concerning coffee, I decided to take some classes with her to up my barista game.

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Esther already worked in coffee for numerous years before she started her own company, BaristaPro Ltd, mid 2014. BaristaPro specialises in providing professional barista skills training and coffee education. Their aim is to develop professionally trained baristas who will promote the quality of brewed coffee wherever they go. Having had good feedback about her courses, it was an easy decision for me to enrol with BaristaPro. After a week’s course, consisting of 5 days with 3 hours of class a day I can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become a barista or improve their already existing skills. After this possibly too lengthy introduction it’s time to hear what Esther has to say…
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