cropped-bnb_logo.jpgballs’n’beans is all about the best things in life, which aren’t quite free. Coffee and gelato.

Coffee shops and gelaterias will be a main focus, including the people who make sure you’re able to enjoy the best coffee and gelato, day in day out. For coffee this can include baristas, roasters or also coffee farmers, for gelato, this will include gelataios and the gelateria staff.

Feel free to get in touch, give feedback, suggest places to visit, give input on recipes and equipment and of course show some support with following, liking, sharing or twittering.


I’m Robert and apart from sport and travel, my biggest passions and arguably also weaknesses are good coffee and gelato. So far my focus has been on visiting as many coffee shops and gelaterias as possible and occasionally writing or at least instagramming about my visits.

Apart from just visiting coffee shops, not too long ago I was lucky enough to have some time off to travel and made it into a kind of coffee sabbatical, visiting a number of coffee producing countries including Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Tanzania, the Dominican Republic and Kenya.